Bembé at Bruce-Guadalupe Community Schools


Established in 2015, Bembé at Bruce-Guadalupe Community Schools is a commitment-based, year-round after-school performing arts program for Bruce-Guadalupe Elementary and Middle School students. Students learn and rehearse folkloric and contemporary percussion-based music and dance from the Afro-Latino Diaspora and perform throughout the City of Milwaukee. Each fall, the program welcomes BGCS students from grades 3-8 to apply for music or dance for the full academic year. Led by three instructors, the curriculum includes ethnomusicological, technical and performance-based skill development, and includes intergenerational programming with the UCC Senior Center for 8 weeks each summer. The program offers a summer study abroad opportunity in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, in collaboration with Bembé's sister school, La Escuela de Bomba - Municipio de Mayagüez.