Bembé in Milwaukee Schools

Bembé partners with Milwaukee schools to cultivate in-house cultural performing arts programs that suit the needs and culture of their unique school communities. School-based performing arts programs are year-round, after-school programs that use a Positive Youth Development model to engage youth and their families in ethnomusicology, technique and performance skills, and cultural honorance and empathy, with unique opportunities for intergenerational programing and study abroad. Led by master instructors in the fields of Afro-Latino Diaspora studies, Bembé youth also serve as cultural ambassadors throughout the City of Milwaukee at multiple public performances throughout the year. Scroll below to learn more about our school partners for the 2019-2020 school year, made possible by MPS Partnership for Arts and Humanities.

Bembé at Bruce-Guadalupe Community Schools

Established in 2015, Bembé at Bruce-Guadalupe Community Schools is a commitment-based, year-round after-school performing arts program for Bruce-Guadalupe Elementary and Middle School students. Students learn and rehearse folkloric and contemporary percussion-based music and dance from the Afro-Latino Diaspora and perform throughout the City of Milwaukee. Each fall, the program welcomes BGCS students from grades 3-8 to apply for music or dance, depending on space available in the program.

BGCS families pre-register HERE